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Huayra R Engine Update

Huayra R Engine Update
Good morning, good day and good night. I'd like to start this update by thanking all of you that supported this project. It means the world to me to have so much support on my first Lego Ideas project, even more so because it is a model i really love to build and tinker with.
But enough with introductions, here is what actually changed on the model:
I finally made the engine block. With included suspension, exaust pipes and structural bars. It was difficult to find high quality images of the new engine, as i can't exactly go to my local car dealership and ask for the Huayra R. But with a couple images of the engine, and some 3d models of other Huayras, i tried to include as much detail as i could, while still having the capacity to open and close the rear of the car. That meant i had to make the car 1 stud longer, wich thankfully works with the car's proportions.
Seizing the opportunity, i decided to modify the interior too. Changed the steering wheel, lifted up the vents, added speed meter and spin meter (forgive me if i don't use the technichal terms, i am not a native english speaker), new glove compartment, and leather seats. Also changed a couple pieces to chrome silver, to add more variety and flair to the color scheme.
That's it, what actually changed on the model. I keep playing with it, trying to find ways to improve, but for now i must say i am satisfied with the car itself. Further alterations may come, as the project advances, what do you guys think about a pit-stop? Or maybe the Pagani Ateliér? In any case, i will keep working on this and other Lego cars, my rendering capability is a bit primitive at the moment, but soon i shall get the hardware to render large models, and i have some ideias.
Once Again, thank you for the 100 (114 and going up) supports, i really love to build with Lego, and maybe one day i can actually make a carrer out of it, until then, i keep playing. And for the automotive fans out there, don't worry, i have interesting models planed, but i will still build different things, got to keep the creativity sharp.

With love, Arthur Souza.

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