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MB-02 Vehicle Factory - Mars Mission Custom MOC


What is my Project?

I have always been a fan of the Mars Mission line released in 2007 - 2008 by Lego. I never had a chance to play the game, though (Crystalien Clash). So when I found that someone had posted it on this website:, I played it as much as possible. But I soon realized that one of the most important parts of the game was not a set. The Vehicle Factory. I decided to make my own.

It includes the main factory, an alien attack ship (now more poseable), a small transport, two mini Claw Tanks, three mini Trikes, two astronaut engeniers (also another thing not included in the sets), two astronaut infantry, two alien drones (with their weapons that were seen in the game), one alien pilot, a crate for crystals, a transport cart for the crystals, a tool rack, and a welding bench.


It includes two spinning manufacturing machines that have spinning drill bits. The alien craft is very versatile and posable. Also, the transport has suspenion.


The set would include:

 - 911 pieces

 - Eight minifigures

 - Accesories: Two paint rollers, one welding tool, one screwdriver, one wrench, two blasters, two alien weapons, two bags for the engineers, and 11 energy crystals.


Thanks for any support that you give. It means a lot to me. Please share this with your friends if you would like to see this as a Lego set.

**I do not intend to make any theme out of this. It is meant to be stand alone.**

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