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Derelict Gardens

This set is called the Derelict Gardens it is called this because it is a massive old farm house that has been broken down and Derelict for many years but nature took its course and grown beautiful big flowers, bushes, plants and lakes have formed wildlife has made it there home but ever since the land was taken over they put three benches down and a bridge to go over the lake and now this is a lovely place for people to go on a day out this set has play ability even though it was made for more of a decoration in the home but the choice is yours to make i cant say what you can do with this set because your imagination can decide that but i can ensure you that this set was fun to build and will be fun to play with if you wish to play with it this set includes exactly 900 parts five mini-figures one dog two cats and three frogs and too many to count flowers thanks for reading my description it means a lot please support if you like it and comment with your thoughts 
unfortunately Lego ideas was not allowing the photo of the figures in this set but they are in some of the pictures 

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