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Eco Air Taxi by Bell


Hello! My name is Alex and I live in Belarus. Here we have less than 1% of electric cars and current situation effects to our environment and esthetic perception of winter. Basically near the road its looks dirty grey and when I visit  Europe capitals in winter this snow is radical opposite to ours in a good way. The one of the clues of winter is a snow looks pity. As for me I don’t have car whilst I’ve got a drive license. While looking at daily road collapse it feels inhuman because our infrastructure conditions is disabled for these amount of cars and same thins is not good enough for traveling by bicycle. Also electric cars is out of most Belarusians budget and mentality blocks the benefits of electric transport. 

Suddenly I’ve saw this article about Eco Air Taxi be Bell driven by electricity and its subdued me. It’s looks gorgeous, modern and convenient for urban life. It has all features to resolve the problems of urban life. Air Taxi helps to relieve the busy roads and get you almost everywhere with a perfect birds eye view. No more TAXes for keeping own car if logistics will perfectly set. And our traditional climate, It’s high humidity here and at C/25º feels like C/35º and asphalt is melts under your feet. And the air is so hardly solid so exhausted gases doesn’t diffuse here. Imagine all these Air Taxies flies above like a greats ventilators and force still air moving around here. Not only summer is going to be refreshed. We have a chance to see a bright winter. All I care about the perfect winter is snow, it forecast being clean again.

This Eco Air Taxi lego model (with the accurate designed bricks, not these which I made from :) )could be a nice decoration for contemporary apartment. It’s not just a dozen of bricks but an idea, self-expression, mentality how you can see the ideal world. I’ve never seen any Lego Sets aspirations us to the future. All I’ve seen is a replicas of a pop, current and a past cultures although we have tools and materials to try imagine our future in an ideal colors and purposes. Now we can get in touch to the bright idea of transportation what is not far enough, it’s almost here. It’s hard to remember but it could happened in Lego House in Billund where I saw a fact that “Lego Group is a number one tire manufacturer”. It sounds amazing! But it’s all about wheel transport that pulls out back in the past. Some kinds of dreamers would like to see a new opportunity of usual things. Distributing the idea of Triumph of Technology, Modern Design, Rethinking of usual things may inspire next generation through Lego bricks. 

Who could refuse imagining the future? 

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