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Zen Garden

Have you ever wanted to experience a zen garden, but in Lego? Well now you can. The goal of this model was to recreate the minimalist feeling and aesthetic of a zen garden. The base of the model is built around four 16 x 16 plates with a one stud gap in-between them. This make the final dimensions a 33 x 33 square plus the decorative trim. In this zen garden there are multiple rock structures, two beautiful trees, a stream, and a bridge. I have always wanted a zen garden on my desk, and thought "why not build it out of lego?" This model was created in bricklink's and contains roughly 1000 pieces. I think it would be so cool to be able to display this model and I hope you would agree. I plan on revising this model in the future, as I am not totally satisfied with the look of the raked sand. If you have any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated. Another thing that would be really cool if this were made into a lego set, would be the ability to reconfigure it. The builder could build new elements and move around the existing ones, creating their own beautiful patterns.

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