Product Idea |


This is an industrial complex where you can find a truck, containers and the engine to lift them of.
At first, I wanted to make just one container, for myself. Then, I designed the truck because I needed something to move the container and after ... you know how lego works. 

The set includes 4 minifig : the two truck drivers and the two workers. I made the lift-machine on tracks because I wanted to make it simple to add to any other existing set, and if you want to extand this one, you can easily do so. Since I work on a software and not IRL, I'm not sure that the part with the rope/string is stable. However, the black rails on the top are stable (that part was tested IRL).

In order to lift the the container, I have made 4 holes with the lego piece n°11458 in wich are inserted 4 piece n°20482. Since the pin is smaller than the hole, it's easier to grab the container.

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