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Rolls Royce Phantom II


A Lego model of a Rolls Royce Phantom II. Might not be 100% accurate.

Information about the car

Produced in 1929-1936

1680 cars were produced

Engine : 7668c I6 40/50 hp

It can fit one minifigure inside and it has kind of working doors. 

Personally I'm not a HUGE fan of cars, but I like to build them out of LEGO bricks. I think that old cars are cooler than the modern ones. They are not as fast and they don't have many buttons and stuff. I haven't seen old LEGO cars so much so I would think this has some potential to be a real LEGO set. I would be very happy if it would be a real set. 

If we can hit 10 000 supporters we can show that the old cars are cool too!

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