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Among Us Brickheadz

Welcome to my most recent project, Among Us Brickheadz.
What is it? Well, these are two brickheadz from the video game Among Us. One of these brickheadz is the imposter and the other... well that's what happens when you encounter an imposter in a dark alleyway.
Why did you build it? I just recently started playing Among Us and it's actually really fun, so when I found out that I could submit a LEGO Among Us project on here naturally I wanted too and right when I had the urge to submit a project from Among Us I pictured an among us brickhead in my mind and thought, "That is what I have to make!" So I got straight on mecabricks and started building! Why do you think this would make a great LEGO set? I think this would be a great LEGO set because there are no Among Us sets yet and I'm pretty sure a lot of people want sets from Among Us! Please support if you want!

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