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Office Organizer

Hi LEGO lovers;
This set (2 in 1, in fact) is designed to let you customising and organising your office/desk in a smart and simple way - No more pens, paper notes, cables... going here and there on or outside your working table.
2 sets are proposed (even if they can be overlaid to make a single unit) with a basic frame. Mobile is dropped on the top, some holes/gaps can be filled by pens, pencils, rulers inside the space. Your mug, snack plate is welcome to be put on the other cover and thus everything is fine and so clean on your desk!

1- The first set is a simple holder that can receive any smartphone (or power bank or any similar electronic device). Mobile won't fall as the studs will block it and the sidewall will prevent it to fall. Power cable (or USB plug) is coming from one of the several gaps allowing the user to have a permanent connection and hand-free mode.
The funny back sidewall with two different color eyes bricks is providing a more funny frame.

It is made from 19 DUPLO bricks only

2 - The pens/cup/paper note set is also practical. In addition to the previous one, the free top is OK to support a mug, snack, plate, or a paper note. The main body is used to order pens and all desk's utensils. The two DUPLO windows, which are inside the structure, are swapped to order short pens - they can be adjusted and put in a different position.
Many gaps are base made in this frame to let you ordering pens and others tools

It is composed of 18 DUPLO bricks only (including 2 windows frame + doors)

Basically, this idea came by looking at how such DUPLO brick can be used for a different location than a playground or bedroom and especially how adults can get fun with them too, without forgetting that young kids will be the first builders (and see their wonderful sets at their mum/dad's desk).

Therefore, this basic set is for family, practical, home, and office.

Sure, different colours can make it more attractive but this mix of colours is also good to keep your mind relax from hard time and any job's issues.

All your comments are welcome

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