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Iron Man Hall of Armor

After 2 iterations I am happy with this design, I will consider this my final design for this project.

This features
- A unique circular design.
- Computer station that swivels 360 degrees in the front.
- 5 chambers that encase Iron Man suits in glass
- The glass chambers open allowing access to the minifigures inside.

I started this before I knew there were any others out there. My main purpose was to make a display for the different types of Iron Man figures. I feel like this has come a long way since my initial version.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this new version if you have seen the old. Any features you like or dislike, too much, too little.

Here is a close up to the changes I made, which include the blue grills on the base, the enclosed minifigure module and the yellow lights above them.

A side view of the module open to access the minifigure.

The set with the modules open all at different levels. Also get a look at the computer station in the middle.

From the top without minifigures in it.

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