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Mini Bus


I want to send in my idea because I have seen that you have many many models small and large and many sports cars but you do not have a mini bus or have never built one. So that's why I want to suggest my mini bus. It will be a model with about 1500 parts, it is so that it fits with the other model parts as well, such as the Jeep and also your small sports cars. My mini bus can open all the doors, e.g. two in the front, then you can open the back door and open the door that is along the back. For decoration, it has a small red carpet in the middle. You can steer and drive my mini bus. I can think that it can be a fun model and I think that because many people have built together sports cars and every now and then a mini bus can be something else to build up. That's why I built it anyway, because I have a lot of sports cars and so on, and that's why I think it could be a good lego technic set. What do you think, could it be a good legotechnic set. :)

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