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Charging Station for Electric Vehicle [LDD]

Here is a playable idea for a charging station for electric vehicles for Lego City. The station has two charging stands of the type you drive through.

For energy supply, solar panels are mounted on the roof. The roof is made of wood.

When electric vehicles are not being charged, the current is sent to the large battery pack which is next to the charging station. When vehicles need to be charged at night, power can be drawn from the battery pack.

As something special, the doors on the battery pack can be opened. And all lamps glows in the dark. Two City Road plates 8 x 16 in sand color have been used.

There is also a smart electric sports car.

The image are created in LDD, Lego Digital Designer, with the highest possible quality settings. All decorations are created in Microsoft PowerPoint and adapted to LDD standard size.

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