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Tri Changer Helicopter Buggy Mecha Robot

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to rival toy companies' myriad of character/toys are PURELY coincidental. :]

"Tri Changer Helicopter Buggy Mecha Robot" (or in short "HeliBugMech") is , like its name suggest... is a LEGO MOC capable of transforming between 3 modes : A skycrane helicopter, dune buggy, and finally an articulated mecha/robot. Transformation doesn't require individual parts to be dismantled or detached. (except his weapon/payload).

HeliBugMech was born out of a concept that it is possible to make modern LEGO vehicle transformable into a mecha (and in more than 1 vehicle modes, too) , in which "rival toy company" has yet /unwilling to produce effectively . HeliBugMech's core aim is to start a revolution of more LEGO vehicles designed in such a way to "battle" the increasing market share of poor quality LEGO clone sets riding on the popularity of "transforming robot" franchise but require parts to be dismantled and rebuild between transformation.

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Complete transformation sequence is located in my blog below (only for curious minds/eyes)

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