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Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive

Welcome to the 70s with this diorama that represents 3 scenes from the music video of the song "Stayin' Alive" by the British group Bee Gees formed by the brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb included in the LP that would be used for the movie "Saturday Night Fever".

A tribute to those known as "The Kings Of Disco Music" who at the end of December 1977 achieved number 1 Billboard magazine position with "How Deep is your Love".
"Stayin' Alive" is one of the most popular Bee Gees songs. 50 years later, it is still freshly heard in dance halls around the world. Rolling Stone Magazine included it in its list of the 500 greatest songs of all time at number 99.
Their great influence in the music industry was recognized in 2003, when they became the first and to date the only musical band to hold a Grammy Legend Award. The Bee Gees covered a large part of the music scene, especially with the disco fever during the second mid-1970s, by producer Robert Stigwood.
For musical experts, there is an interesting fact that at this moment in the history, the drum rhythm had never been taken to create a two-bar phrasing and this made the Bee Gees, the first to make a rhythm loop thanks to their producer in studio Albhy Galuten. It is worth noting the next film production of the life of the Bee Gees in which Barrie Gibb will be the executive producer of the film.

A model of approximately 2600 pieces that includes the minifigures of Barry, Robin and Maurice where you can represent the sequences of the music video of the song, with the addition of a dance room inside as the center of the disco concept. The train car can open the roof to place the Gibb Brothers minifigures and enjoy more takes.

I hope you like this tribute of the great music legacy of the Gibb brothers, enjoy the images, and thanks for your generous support. Hopefully, we can turn them into the future Brick Gees.

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