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White Crow Castle


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This build is a medieval style castle that was inspired by my childhood desire to have such sets. As a kid, I wasn’t blessed enough to have any castle set. After my dark age with Lego I was eyeballing with making one for a while, and finally decided to make one. 

It took me a bit over two months from start to finish to make the model. Of course I had some breaks here and there…

The model itself was built using 2727 bricks (according to, however as minifigs on their own are generally counted as 4 pieces we can deduct some parts to be around 2700. 

The physical size is (width/length/height)
  • 34 x 42 x 39 studs
  • 10.6 x 13.4 x 12.2 inches
  • 27 x 34 x 31.1 centimeters

(this is just the castle, not including the horses and minifigs positioned outside of the castle for the pictures)

Weight is 59 oz / 1671 grams. (If assembled. I had to stick to digital for now unfortunately)

For rendering I used light emitting bricks, however they can all be replaced with Trans-Orange color bricks. This way ALL elements used actually exist and can be bought today. Though some are a bit older, however according to bricklink they can be sourced. 

The reason why I think this could be a great set, because castle builds are very popular, and a unique one like this, with great playability could trigger nice memories for AFOLs and bring a lot of joy to kids of current age too. 

The castle is built on a 32x32 baseplate surrounded by water.
  • It includes
  • Blacksmith
  • Market place
  • Fountain
  • Prison
  • Armory for the soldiers
  • Living quarter
  • Spiral staircase tower with balcony
  • ...any many more nice details.

I included 12 minifigs in the build. Go have a look at them all! 

Of course the castle wouldn’t be a castle without a drawbridge. 

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