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Hello! Today I have made a miniscale Erebor from the Hobbit Movies, I built this project in LDD because I did not have the right pieces for Dale, I didn't have the pieces for the Stone Dwarves, and I didn't have the pieces for the water.


When Thorin was younger, his homeland was Erebor, A home carved in the stone of the mountain of Erebor, also called The Lonely Mountain. Erebor was wealthy, and so was Dale, because of the great wealth of Erebor, and many different races strived to capture Erebor as their own, because of its great wealth and strategic military location. Then, one sunny day, their was a great wind coming from the North, that wind was created by a great fire drake, whose name is Smaug, He came down from the North, and made utter ruin of Dale, then breached Erebor, with Dwarves fleeing and some of them were lucky enough to escape.

Well, This set contains 1010 pieces, and the baseplate size is 30x38!

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