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English Council House

This mid terrace council house (or should that be ex council house, given the dormer loft conversion at the back of the property) is based loosely on a 1930's style council house.

Council housing is a form of housing built by local councils in order to provide large scale, low cost accommodation, which is traditionally seen to be working class.

Although a row of terraced housing would have had a uniform look when built, terraced streets in England now often feature a variety of additional styles and modifications.

Designed to be a classic mid terrace house, the sides of the buildings are fairly plain, as they would be connected to the neighbouring houses.

Features include classic styling such as: satellite dish, dormer loft extension, front porch extension, backyard with a selection of bins, front garden with tire and bike, England flag hanging from window and intruder alarm.
Minifigures may dream of mansions or countryside retreats, but for many the English Council House provides a quality home.

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