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Magical Library


A library has always been a  magical place of learning. Magic is in the pages of every book. And now can be yours in brick form with this enchanting library.

Perfect for:

The book lover looking for an escape.

The scholar working on his or her next big paper.

The teacher planning their next lesson.

The wizard or witch looking for that perfect spell.

What will inspire you to pick up your next book? Who will visit your library?

Comes with books new and old which can also be swapped out for tiles and plates to add more depth and variations to the shelves. Filled with portraits of faces past, and those cozy Nik-Naks and antiquities that give a library character. 

Plates on floor give the ability to place characters around the library and have them look like they are walking or searching for a good book. Tiles give the library that hardwood feel that many classic libraries have. While seats give those working on their studies a place to sit.

This would be a good set for all ages and builder levels. Books are something that follow us through life. With bedtime stories as a kid to adulthood in different forms for pleasure and work. It's something everyone young and old can appreciate and relate to. So sit right down and pull up a brick , and loose yourself in this set, where your the author of your own story.

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