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Dutch Windmill


A typical Dutch Windmill.

I made it a bit modular in three floors and the head.
The head can turn on a technic turntable , the wings will turn and they will turn the millstone.

Sadly I had to make it in Stud.IO and in the end I had all these errors, so I had to stop.
But I think with the renderings you get a pretty good idea of the design.

on the ground you have the base of the mill, that's also the store where they sell their products.
Not only flower, but also oils, mustard and other agricultural stuff.

The stairs lead to the  first floor where the storage room is and the flower packaging.

The ladder takes you to the second floor with the millstone.

On top you'll find the head of the mill with the wings and the beams attached for turning the head.


Hope you'll enjoy it , and don't forget to support!

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