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The Pink Panther


The Pink Panther is one of the greatest cartoons ever made. This Pink Panther house is based of the first episode made for Pink Panther. The episode is called "The Pink Phink". The episode is about Pink Panther and the "little man" fighting over what color to paint the house. After making the entire house pink, Pink Panther would move into the house.

The set would include two mini figures one of Pink Panther and one of the little man. It could also include the pinto pink horse and the little man's dog. Accessories could include paint buckets, brush, a mug, and other things. Inside the house is a bed, bookshelf, fireplace, desk, and some boxes. I disigned this so it could be put on display but still have playability. The Pink Panther is a really great cartoon, and for those of us who like Pink Panther and Lego this would make a really great set.

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