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Boston Dynamics


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I personally think that Boston Dynamics should become a Lego Ideas set because they are a very inspiring company.  The set would include some of their robots, such as SpotMini, Atlas, Spot, and Handle.  More robots could also be included such as LS3, or one they haven't released yet.

All robots should have the proper mobility as they have in real life.

If you haven't heard of Boston Dynamics, I suggest you check them out.  Boston Dynaimcs is a company that designs and engineers robots that maneuver like real animals.  They have programed robots to open doors, do backflips, and more.

If you would like to see a 3D model of this project, check out these links:
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395 Total Parts

I would love it if you supported my product idea so that it could reach 10,000 supporters and become a Lego set.

Hope you like!


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