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Car Creations


This is a fun project I created which includes two new made-up cars based on inspiration from Lego Creator.

I thought the car designs for the previous 3 in 1 sets were quite interesting and I decided to have a go at making my very own cars.

I first made a nice blue classic car with a white roof, grey bumpers, orange headlights, an assortment of different blue colours and even a functional trunk that you could open.

I then made a modern green car out of a wide selection of different coloured green pieces and slope elements. With this model I wanted to make the front look as detailed as possible so I included some angle plates and slopes for variation.

I didn’t really base these models on any particular design as I wanted to make the cars as unique as possible. And overall I am pretty happy with the way these cars turned out and I think the colours used as well as slope pieces made them a great success.

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