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Disney's Dinosaur Ride Vehicle


Disney’s Dinosaur, previously Countdown to Extinction, is one of the title thrill rides at the Animal Kingdom. Guests enter the “Dino Institute” where they are briefed on their mission, to board a time rover and travel back to the cretaceous period. The Ride vehicle that this set is based from is an Enhanced Motion Vehicle, meaning rather than the ride’s track providing to motion of the ride, the ride vehicle travels on a smooth surface and acts as a motion simulator for the guests on board.

This Lego build faithful recreated the look and the mechanical function of the CTX Time Rover Enhanced Motion Vehicle, providing range of motion in the X and Y axis that mimics the motion of the real life ride vehicles. Anyone who has been to the park with recognize this vehicle. A faithful recreation, perfect for both display and play. Carnotaurus sold separately.

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