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Temples Around the Globe

I present to you temples from around the world. The build is built of three main sections. The first and main of these sections is the Greek temple to Poseidon, including 2 guards standing in the front it also comes with a golden statue of Poseidon himself lined with pots of fire. The second temple is an Egyptian obelisk filled to the brim with treasures, it is being guarded by an Anubis Minifigure wielding a curved blade. The third and final temple is a Japanese Torri Gate with a ninja walking through the blossoming cherry trees.

I built this because I have always loved ancient civilizations. This along with my immense love for Lego, I decided to collide the two and bring this vision of mine to life. I know there are other people who love both these things and would love to get a set in composing such a wide range of creations.

Piece count of 1345

*note the back of the Obelisk is not removable I only did so for a look into the inside of it.

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