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Make Any Set a Movie


Make Any Set a Hollywood Movie

This set allows anyone to turn a pre-existing Lego creation into an exciting movie studio set.  

The following components are included in this set:

  • Rideable Boom Camera
  • Rideable Dolly Camera
  • Stationary Camera
  • Sound Guy
  • Green Screen (For special FX) and Space Vehicle
  • Stage Lights
  • 6 Minifigures - 3 Cameramen, 1 Sound Tech, 1 Director, and 1 Astronaut Actor

You can take any existing Lego set, such as the Indiana Jones Temple Escape Set (see picture) and recreate the iconic first scene of the movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark". Or use any other Lego movie tie-in sets such as Marvel Superheros, Star Wars, or the Lego Movie sets to recreate your favorite movie scenes. 

The possibilities are endless!

Please note: the Lego Indiana Jones set (see picture) is only being shown as an example for how you can use "Make Any Set a Movie"

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