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Mountain Rescue Team


This is the ultimate Mountain - Rescue Team.

It's a 290 brick set formed by an ATV, an helicopter, three wild animals and five people.
There is a pilot, a paramedic and a rescuer for two hikers. The mountain has got a little space where a minifigure could fall in.In this case, the helicopter will come to rescue and, if required, the ATV will arrive too

In the helicopter, there is a seat for the pilot, one for the paramedic and one gurney.

On the helicopter,there is a chain and a rotating light

In the set, there are three animals too: a goat, a bear and a snake

The rescuer has got a walkie talkie, two hammers, a flashlight and a rope.

P.S:: I think that would be a great idea adding some stickers,preferably on the helicopter

P.P.S: for any suggestions or questions,please let me know in the comments!

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