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The Hobbit Microscenes – The Mirkwood Dungeons


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The Hobbit Microscenes – The Mirkwood Dungeons : Inspired by the very successful lines of LEGO LOTR and The Hobbit sets, why not expand that world by introducing small vignettes, recreating iconic locations from Tolkien’s imagination.  These scaled down sets would make for fun display pieces in any collection !

“This is no Orc dungeon. These are the Halls of the Woodland Realm.” -Balin

On their way to reclaim the Lonely Mountain, Thorin’s company is captured by Thranduil and locked away in the Mirkwood Dungeons.  It is said that escape is impossible, unless… a burglar armed with a mysterious ring can sneak in undetected !  But Tauriel’s watching eye is standing guard !

This microscene set tries to emulate the location from Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug, showcasing the multiple staircases, tiny cells, and waterfalls.  Using LEGO pieces from various colors, this vignette would sit well between existing LEGO Hobbit sets !  Dive into the Woodland Realm and relive the excitement !

Each microscene would come with two LEGO minifigures and accessories.

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