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Classic San Francisco Cable Car

This build is a classic San Francisco cable car with a small waiting bench and a cafe. The cable car is in traditional colors of sand green, dark red, and grey and brown. Passengers can stand in the back section or sit in the middle. There is a convenient step to enter and exit the car. A special section is available for the engineer. There are lights on the front and back to alert pedestrians and cars. The wheels are compatible with standard Lego train track. On top, there is some detailing and pantograph connectors for the cables. 

The station has a small bench that is covered. Across the street there is a cafe with one table outside. Inside there is a coffee maker, a cash register, and a croissant for sale. There is also a microbus waiting to cross the rails. The build includes enough track to create a loop around the city square.

The build includes ten minifigures, with six passengers, one engineer, a cashier at the cafe, a driver of the microbus, and a customer at the cafe.

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