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Lady Bot Archer

This is a female archer robot, why I made this model because I am a big fan of robots, mechs and action figures. I assembled it simply from the common LEGO parts we get from most LEGO sets. I made her as beautiful and elegant as possible and named her Lady Bot Archer.

All the joints I made can move up to the waist and back, so that she can be styled as naturally as possible, such as in the archery standing position or with bent knees. The bow and arrow can be stored on the back for style without the bow and arrow.

Lady is a reliable female archer robot, she can shoot both far and near. Her arrows never miss. In addition to archery, Lady is skilled in martial arts, she can defeat her enemies with her bare hands.
I'm sure this model will make a cool LEGO set, because I haven't found a LEGO set in a female robot model yet. This model is suitable as an action figure.

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