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Mixels Beyond Mixopolis

What lies Beyond Mixopolis? Why, more Mixels of course! Far away from both Mixel Land and Mixopolis,
there's three Tribes: The Magunits. The Cyberfuzionz. The Starbearers. And they are ready to MIX and MAX like the others! (Now with new and updated names and models!)

Introduction to the Tribes:

The Magunits: A Tribe who loves hanging upside down via magnetic attraction! Make sure you don't have any metal on you, or else it might just fly away to them!

The Cyberfuzionz: Mixels who have nuclear energy within! They make cybernetics to control the flow, to power their Cybernetic abilities!

The Starbearers: This Tribe has a passion for decorating space with stars and constellations! They make their home in the clouds, under the stars, for them to admire!

Mixels of the Magunits: (Left to right)
Wydnet, The Leader. This Mixel has a hobby that involves making metal suits with his magnetic power! He considers himself a artist, who makes himself a statue, turning into a street-side attraction! He also loves using the suit for reaching high selves that hold his jar of Cookironis. (Macaroni mixed with cookies)

Magtton, The Compass. A master of direction. This lagomorph can tell west from east while upside-down with his natural navigation! When he activates his magnetic ability with his horns, he points them towards north with the turn of his body. He can also point towards trouble, as he is a worrywart.

Muttract, The Attracter. His love for magnetically attaching to every side of a metal room, can only be beaten by his love for picking up random metal junk off the ground! He is a metal collector that visits beaches just for said junk! He can sense metal like if he is sniffing them out like a hound!

Mixels of the Cyberfuzionz: (Left to right)
Nukar, The Leader. A natural born racer and daredevil! He lives for the speed he can reach while jumping off ramps with buses in-between! He is confident with his abilities, always asking others to race him!

Hoverat, The Pilot. A inventor on the ground, a high flyer in the sky! He made this backpack attachment to make this deliveries, for Mixels who want cybernetic parts, much faster! He likes to race Nukar, to see who is the fastest.

Roachual, The Lifter. This cockroach never seems to stay down! He made strong arms for one thing: To lift heavy things! Simple, but useful! Now he can finally get those pesky metal crates for his garage sale!
He also uses his arms to help others lift things, always finding an excuse to do so.

Mixels of the Starbearers: (Left to right)
Teleo, The Leader. He sees himself as an kind king of the clouds. He sits on his throne, thinking of new designs for constellations, and organizes their creation with his watchful glass eye. He is very open to others, willing to listen to their ideas and woes.

Spurkle, The Jester. This prankster makes his jokes in the very constellations he makes! His jokes are crude in nature, to get laughs and outrage out of others! He's always trying to top his last!

Constella, The Expert. She is a professional when it comes to Constellations, mapping the stars and connecting the dots for them! In her past time, she writes books about the projects to remember them, and to share!

The Nixels:
The Nixels are uncreative and destructive trouble makers who despises Mixels and their way of life which involves Mixing and Maxing! These little guys were always packed with one Mixel in each Tribe of a series.

Why I wanted to make this Idea:

I made this idea because I wanted to make a set that gives more what Mixels gave. Buildable Lego brick figures that you can have fun taking apart and mixing them! While also giving pieces for them to make their own figure at the same time. I love the Mixels because of their designs and the mixing and maxing concepts. They reminded me of Bionicles as well, because of the fact they were in based on elements at first, both featuring the ability to build your own figure. The cartoon was also just plain fun and lighthearted. That's why I made these in my free time, so others like me, who loved the Mixels, can get more of them in this idea.

Why I think it would be a good Lego set:

It encourages imagination, for new ways to mix the figures into new figures. I think Mixels was a perfect theme to describe Lego. Goofy, fun, and cool! And it's fun to mess around with them, moving their arms and legs, posing them.

Thanks for checking out my idea! And if this idea peaks your interest, please consider supporting it!

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