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Altran Force

It is a model for a set I'll like to call the Lego Altran Force. It consists of four different characters which have their vehicle forms but are not automatically transformable. They have a special mode which activates in the heat of battle where all characters combine body parts which are upgraded(just like in power rangers)it is called the super meltra mode, which is a combo of mega and ultra morph. They each come with their own special weapon and power.
  1.  Red and black: name; Kickfire. Weapon:Grat Blade. Special power: Fire balls
  2. Blue,white and red: name; blaze. Weapon : lightning blaster. Special power: thunder wave
  3. Yellow and black: name; spark. Weapon : HD power blaster. Special power : cheetah strike
  4. Green and white: name; krypto. Weapons: (has one on each side) the showGuns. Special power : Rhino charge

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