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Kabuto Style - Samurai Helmet


Not only for the Japanese history geeks (like me) but anyone interested in awesomeness and badassery, this LEGO creation is inspired by the rich japanese military history and the suji bachi-style kabuto from the Ashikaga Shogunate era, shown above.

Dimensions: 25x28x24 and it has 1,021 LEGO pieces. 


Fun Fact#1! There are two war related codes which have to do with the kabuto helmets. The first: “Katte kabuto no o o shimeyo”—literally translates to: ‘Tighten the strings of the kabuto after winning the war’. The second, “Kabuto wo nugu”—literally translates to: ‘To take off the kabuto’, which was recognized as a symbol of surrender.

Fun Fact #2! Darth Vader’s helmet was inspired by the Kabuto Helmets! :D

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