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A car speeds down the highway, reaching record speeds.
It looks different from a normal car, and then you realize...
It doesn't have wheels.

The hovercar is an invention many have wanted to be created in the future, along with spaceships, robots and other things. It's a really cool idea, so why isn't it a LEGO set already?

In reality, hovercars would probably be more expensive than they're worth, all the fancy tech just to make your car faster and to have a smoother ride. Only the very wealthy would be able to afford them. As a LEGO set, however, it would be much more affordable, and would look just as cool! They may not be real yet, but this is the next best thing.

I got the idea to build this from a racing game I got in which you race in hovercars. This was originally going to be a car from that game, but I modified it heavily enough that it didn't look like a car from that game anymore. This is my first build that I've made digitally, and I think it turned out great! Also, in case you're frustrated with the lack of pieces on LEGO Digital Designer, a much better LEGO designer that I used to make this build is Studio. It's made by Bricklink, has all the newer pieces and is free!

This LEGO creation is 36 studs long (about 11 inches), 24 studs wide (about 7.3 inches) and 8 studs tall (about 3 inches).

If you think this is awesome, and want it to become a set please hit that support button and tell your friends or post about this on social media if you can! I think this is one of my better Ideas, and think it could possibly have the potential to reach 10,000 supports, and you can help make that happen!

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