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Classic Space: Heavy Dropship LL-Behemoth

This heavy-duty dropship is a beast when it comes to hauling resources across the galaxy. As Classic Spacemen pushed onward into the infinite unknown, they needed reliable transportation... and so the LL-Behemoth was born. Originally built for transporting consumable resources to distant explorers, the LL-Behemoth was quickly utilized for transporting energy crystals, small spacecraft, mining machinery, and even entire crews. I've heard tales that it was adapted and utilized in a war against Blacktron pirates... but that's another story for another time.

What makes the LL-Behemoth so unique? Well, this heavy-duty dropship carries four interchangeable cargo crates. Unlike most exterior cargo crates, these can be accessed by the spacemen from within the spaceship through hatchways. The interior corridor is spacious and can house additional resources and/or spacemen. The cargo crate connections points are built at angle for easy pick-up from the ground (hence the cargo crates' triangular shape). The LL-Behemoth sports a drop-nose cockpit, offering the pilot a wider range of view for landing the dropship.

I built this digitally back in 2019, trying to plan out my next physical model to build. I ended up buying parts to build something else and abandoned this idea. I completely forgot about this digital MOC until I found the old file last week. It seemed a pity to have it forgotten, so here it is now posted as a product idea. It would make a great AFOL LEGO Ideas set because of it's uniqueness and complex structure. I believe it captures the aesthetics of Classic Space and would appeal to LEGO fans young and old.

I hope you enjoyed my latest starship. Happy building, fellow LEGO fans! 

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