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Scoops Mini Golf


This project is of an ice cream shop with a full mini golf course as well. Inside the shop there are a couple booths and a kitchen. The building has checkered floors and windows looking at the mini golf holes outside. The kitchen has a freezer for ice cream, a soft serve ice cream machine, different toppings and a cash register. 

Outside the building is decorated by flowers and lights. There is a parking lot and a bike rack if you are coming to get some ice cream. The rest of the place is the mini golf course made up of 6 different courses. They all have different challenges ranging from water and sand traps to hills and the spinning windmill! 

I decided to build this because two of my favourite things are Lego and ice cream. In the closest town to where I live there is a ice cream shop and mini golf place. I based this idea off of this place and added some ideas of my own to it. 

I liked the idea of this place and thought it might make a good Lego set. It has lots of different things around it and the ice cream shop is a fun thing for people to play with. You can also play with the mini golf course which is fun to build and play with. 

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