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Hat Shop


I wanted to create a modular building but I wanted it only on a 16*32 baseplate. I also wanted it to fit with the 50's style of the recent official sets (like the corner garage or the diner). I didn't know what to do and suddenly I realised ''hey, a hat shop would be perfect'' so, here it is!

Enter this small shop and discover a large choice of homemade hats. Behide the desk and the vintage cash register there is a small place to allow the owner of this shop to make small changes to allow the hat to fit perfecly your minifigures dreams. But if you want a very unique model, it's on the 1st floor that the magic happens. On this floor you can found the workshop of the hatter and all the various tools (including a sewing machine) and cloths he needs to work while the baclony allow him to see if there is customers in his shop. 

The minifigures of this set are :

- A teenager, because hats are not only for old people ;) 

- An elegant maried couple 

- And the hatter himself


Thanks for supporting!

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