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The Bakery


        Welcome to the bakery! The bakery has three stories, with the bottom being (You guessed it) a 

bakery. On the second and third floors are a film studio and a pet store. The model includes 3 

minifigs: a baker, a director, and a pet store employee.

        I built this because I was looking at my brother’s street of modular sets and thought it 

would be fun to build my own. This build took me about a month or two to build because I had 

limited time to work on it. It has over 2200 parts and is compatible with the official lego 

modular sets. Personally, my favorite part of this build is the film studio, but the bottom story was the

most fun to create. The roof can be removed for accessibility and the whole thing is completely

modular. It is 100% lego  and has no cut or altered bricks. If you like it, then hit the support button and

don't forget to check out some of my other builds! :)

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