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Space Archaeology

What if someday people dig up old rockets like they excavate fossils today? What if, when today's technology is thousands of years old, people were to unearth our old spaceships, moon bases, and Mars colonies, recovering artifacts to display in museums? Here, I visualized what archaeology might be like in the future in LEGO bricks!
From its vibrant color scheme to the removable micro-scale rocket ship, this creation would make a fascinating LEGO set.

Fun building techniques, like the tree branches attached with orange lifesaver elements, along with tons of little details, will ensure an exciting, engaging build experience. All sides of the model tell different parts of a story, with a half dug-up rocket ship dominating one side, tables, microscopes, and boxes of artifacts on another, and colorful orange foliage sprouting up here and there from the purple planet surface, making for a superb display piece from all angles.
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