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Futuristic Blue Jet

I did this build with it starting out as being a submarine, but it transitioned into how it looks like right now.  It was a fun build that started looking cooler and cooler as it went on.  I think that the end result looked pretty great and I am happy with the way it turned out.  It is now a jet type thing that looks a space ship, but nonetheless, looks pretty good.  

I built this one right after my previous build (called "Futuristic Car") and had a lot of fun using almost all the blue pieces that I have at home! :)  I added some grey and white in the mix and I think all the colors blend really well together.  I built this one because it a). Looks cool, b). wasn't hard to make, and c).  was fun!  Overall this one was a fun build that ended up turning out pretty well.                                                                           
I don't know if this would be a great set, but who knows?  I personally like the end result and I hope others like the design and colors of this build.  Enjoy!

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