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Ring in the Box

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The project is inspired with a small dream of creating decorations with LEGO for my upcoming wedding. We all dreamed of we showing off our ring to the world to announce our wedding. So why not make it colorful and dreamy with LEGO?

Ring in the Box --- A classic 4 prongs gold ring with a gigantic diamond displayed in a elegant red jewellery box. It comes with a secret chamber that can be open on top to store or display your engagement and wedding rings.

Ring in the Box is a romantic LEGO set to build if you are planning to propose to your love. The classic ring style displayed in LEGO will definitely add so much fun and colors to your unique memory. This is also an elegant LEGO set to build for everyone to store and display their small jewelries.

Last but not least, Ring in the Box is totally instagrammable!

Hope you all love the design and say --- YES I do! ---

Now, let's share this project with your friends and families. Together we will make this Ring in the Box a reality!

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