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Rangers Apprentice


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Hello everyone! After scouring through the Lego Ideas website, if found out that there were no submissions for Ranger's Apprentice. Therefore, I took it upon myself to make one!

This set includes:

 Seven minifigures: Gilian (slightly out of frame), Halt, Will, Horace, Alyss, and Casandra with travel clothes and royal robes. Also included are three animals: The ever exspressive Ranger horses Tug and Ableard, as well as Will's dog Ebony.

 Need a place to rest after saving the kingdom? Just head back to Will's cabin for some much deserved r&r.

  the cabin has an opening interior, with one side featuring a table for meetings, meals, and looking over paperwork (ugh)..

 while the other has a stove with a pot of (what else) coffee brewing. Just take my word for it though, let Will do the cooking.

 And finally, the set includes an area of forest for Will and the other Ranger's to hone their skills. Remember: Practice, practice, practice. After all, an archer practices til he gets it right; a Ranger practices til' he never gets it wrong.

Thank you guys for looking at this. If you like this, please support and follow. I do sets every now and then, so be on the look out. For now, see you later!

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