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Diet Coke Can

Simply put, the design I propose is that of a can of Coke - Diet Coke to be specific. I built this mainly because I love Diet Coke and wanted a (large) LEGO model of it (in can form). See, I am a very literal person and I really enjoy the concept of taking things already in the world that I like and recreating them (as exactly as I can) through other forms. Furthermore, I am also very much a minimalist, so I really gravitate towards simplistic, often symmetrical self-contained products - although a lot more complex, the discontinued R2-D2 set is a prime example of this. I understand that this might seem too simplistic of an idea, however, I think there are a lot of people out there that enjoy this particular aesthetic. Based on the sets LEGO already provides, which in my opinion often reflect ideas mostly from movies, locations, and games, one might grow tired of them because over time they may no longer reflect their interests. However, I feel this is far less likely to occur with sets featuring what I consider everyday products, like a can of Diet Coke (in my life at least). If there's still hesitancy on the idea, take a look at other products like this. For example, pillows and Squishies have become hugely popular for portraying random food items (e.g. a taco shaped pillow); these are seemingly generic ideas that people love. So, I think this same kind of idea through LEGO would garner the same, if not more, attention. Don't forget, the design in question already reflects a popular brand, so the attention and popularity would be considerable.  

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