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The Cooking Academy

The cooking academy is a place to learn the culinary art of nutrition, here the minifigures not only learn to cook but also the study and history of cooking, the composition of the elements and to grow and collect the food that they will include in their recipes.
We all like to eat, and if it is tasty, better. Enjoying a good meal is only done thanks to good Chefs. The LEGO City asks for an academy of new Chefs, where there is a variety of recipes from around the world.
In the garden of the Academy, you can learn to grow and collect carrots, beans and cauliflowers as current foods, on other occasions pumpkins, lettuce and tomatoes are also planted. There are also two apple trees that make delicious cakes with their fruits.
In the academy, students learn to do almost everything, but what makes this academy most famous are its cookies and stews.
If you come to the academy, you should not worry about hot or cold days, since it is fully heated for studying or preparing dishes. The building also adds smoke extraction for the kitchen floor on the roof.
In the kitchen, we have 3 positions for 6 students in total, each position includes all the necessary utensils, as well as an oven and stove. In the academy, we have fridges to preserve our food in an optimal way.
The academy can be deployed by modules and in the back, the walls can be removed for greater playability with the model, its 45-degree construction facilitates the view of the model from the rear located on a diagonal that widens the visual field.
In the academy, we have two renowned Chefs and two students who are currently beginning their apprenticeship, there is also a cat and a bird who enjoy the delights of some leftover food.
It should be noted that the facade is decorated with elements related to the kitchen such as a Chef, chickens, eggs, bananas, ice cream and study books.
I hope it tastes good :)
Bricky. B

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