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Lloyds Darkness

Built for the Ninjago universe with a twisted story of Lloyd ( 1971 parts ).
The mech is very large and highly posable, for playing with it when flying I installed a handle under the belly that comes out so you can easily hold it, there are no pictures holding the dragon as the rule is to not post pictures where real human limbs appear :(.
The pictures can be found on my Instagram account.

 After the death of his mother Lloyds heart was grasped by grief and the desire for revenge. With his power of life corrupted he no longer brought life to Ninjago. After years of searching for the one responsible for taking his mother’s life Lloyd was no longer called the Green Ninja, he was now the Warlord of Ninjago.
A part of the Ninjago Ninjas stayed with Lloyd and shared into his new ideals but most left as they could not bear to see what has become of their beloved friend.
Lord Garmadon disappeared soon after his wife’s death, no one knows where he left.
Master Wu and the rest of the ninjas fought against Lloyd and got bested in battle, now Wu is imprisoned in the Black Citadel.
Now Lloyd riding atop of Darkness once the great jade dragon he is ever searching for the one.

Is there any hope for the light to return to Ninjago?

I was thinking to add some new stuff to the Ninjago world, there could be even a more mature edition of Ninjago and that I would really like to see.

Decided to go for a mech as it looks like we do not really have that many mech builds for Lego Ideas, would really love to see more mecha projects or spaceship ones.

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