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A simple model compared to some here.  I've been trying to perfect that "rambling" vine aspect of grape vines.  This was done in Lego Digital Designer and only requires two pieces to be produced in non-standard colours:

  • "ice-cream" in dark red
  • "sea grass" in reddish-brown

I am submitting this to lego ideas as I think this is a great solution to a grape vine in Lego, but is not yet possible with the colours available (particularly red grapes).  I think the ice cream pieces give a better "grape" effect than the standard berry piece.

I think this should be a relatively inexpensive set for the Lego Ideas line up, but one that should nonetheless see significant demand, as it could fit into modern or medieval themed layouts.  This layout could be part of a winery or just as a farm for eating grapes.  For this reason I have not included minifigs or any supporting buildings.  There are already many "farmer" figs in both City and Castle themes that could work these vines!

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