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Trylon and Perisphere


The Trylon and Perisphere were two modernistic structures located at the center of the New York World's Fair of 1939-40. Together the two structures were known as the "Theme Center". The name "Perisphere" was coined using the Greek prefix peri-, meaning "all around", "about", or "enclosing". The name "Trylon" was coined from the phrase "triangular pylon". The Theme Center was designed by architects Wallace Harrison and J. Andre Fouilhoux, with the interior exhibit by Henry Dreyfuss.

The original height of the Tylon was 610 ft while the Perisphere was 180 feet in diameter. For this build, due to brick constraints, the Trylon has a wider base and a shorter height while the Perisphere size was made to compliment the Trylon. As with the original, I made a bridge to connect both structures. I also added a reflecting pool for contrast and a Lego statue for scale.

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