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City Aquarium


Dive into this beautiful set. This Lego Aquarium is packed with beautiful constructions that resemble real-life coral and plant life from the oceans of the world. Explore the wonders of the reef as a scuba diver or enjoy the majesty of the animals as a guest. 

There are two parts to this set, the upper cat walk and the tank.

The upper cat walk:

  • basket for swim flippers
  • two racks for air tanks and masks 
  • a double diving board
  • safety fence
  • access ladder on side of tank

The tank:

  • central pillar for stability (tires around pillar for creature saftey).
  • three rock features
  • moss bed with kelp
  • sea anemone
  • sponge coral
  • sea weed
  • plate coral
  • under water flowers
  • four silver fish
  • one shark
  • two dolphins
  • one octopus
  • one sea turtle
  • two crabs
  • two starfish
  • ancient sea relic
  • glass viewing areas on all four sides

This 22 by 24 stud aquarium is sure to make kids imaginations run wild.

Please support this project, it really means alot. :) 

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