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The Majestic King Dedede

The king of dreamland becomes LEGO!

What is it?
This is King Dedede, the enemy/friend of Kirby in the Kirby games. King Dedede swings his massive star studded hammer with ease to destroy all obstacles on his path. Despite him looking and acting like the bad guy, he has a big heart and helps Kirby when in need.

Why did I build it?
I love the Kirby games, Meta knight and King Dedede have always been my favorite characters. There was no big build of King Dedede yet, so I wanted to create it. Kirby games have always meant a lot to me, especially their message that friendship conquers even the biggest problems!

Why This would make a GREAT lego set!
King Dedede is a beloved character, trough all amazing Kirby games, King Dedede always finds a way to shine and to win everyone's heart over. He even sacrificed himself for his helpers like a real hero would do. King Dedede is also a beloved character used by many in the game Super smash bros ultimate.

I got heavily inspired by the mighty bowser, I wanted to create a big heavy villain character, so I designed King Dedede out of lego, but in the same size as the mighty Bowser. I used some similar techniques to design King Dedede but all limbs are movable with ball joints so the limbs can move freely.

Easter eggs/references
  • In the hollow body of King Dedede there are 4 cones that resemble Bandana waddle dee, Kirby, Meta knight (unmasked) and Gooey. This is a reference to the other characters in the Kirby series.
  • King Dedede his massive star studded hammer can be hold by King Dedede.
  • The mouth can be opened, the arms and feet can move (ball-joints), the head can turn and the eyes can be rotated to create lively expressions and postures.
  • The white ribbon from the red coat is made witht he same technique as Lego made the white shell line in the mighty Bowser.

Extra information
  • This build contains 1690 parts (no minifigures).
  • It spent around 10 hours to design King Dedede.
  • The King Dedede reference model is from Super smash bros ultimate (link below)
reference image: King Dedede - Wikipedia

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