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Doraemon / Nobita Room & Time Machine

Picture 1: This shows the overview of Doraemon and Nobita room which include both main characters Doraemon and Nobita minifigures. It also includes the famous Time Machine, pinky-pinky Anywhere Door and Shizuka bathroom skid.

Picture 2: Doraemon and Nobita felt bored after long building the models and reading comics and decided to find their friends to hang out together. In their room, we can clearly see the scatterred around Monkey Kids comic books and Lego models on the floor.

Picture 3: At the right corner of the room, we can see the big wardrobe with moveable sliding door which is actually Doraemon sleeping area.

Picture 4: The size of the bed well fitted Doraemon and included his BFF to accompany him in this scene.

Picture 5: The wardrobe section is built under different foundation support which can be swing 180 degree to separate from the main modular.

Picture 6: Shizuka bathroom is built as an independent small skid which can be merged into the main modular to switch to the scene when Nobita and Doraemon wanted to use Anywhere Door to meet Shizuka.

Picture 7: This is the scene where Nobita opened the Anywhere Door to Shizuka house and he realized that they are connected to Shizuka bathroom.

Picture 8: This shows Shizuka bathroom which is a typical Japanese style bathroom designed with bath tub filled with hot water and two different pails on the ground. It also included 2 shampoo located in front of the bath tub.

Picture 9: Nobita feels embarrassed and shy when he discovered Anywhere Door transmitted them to Shizuka bathroom which is a private area.

Picture 10: This is the scene where Doraemon and Nobita went back to their room and decided to find some adventurous and excitement themselves when they found Shizuka was not around.

Picture 11: Nobita and Doraemon sat on the Time Machine to depart to somewhere adventurous.

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