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Tropical Vacation


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It is time for a well-deserved vacation, and what better than in a tropical bungalow on a crystal-clear sea where the corals and marine wildlife are especially beautiful.
Some of these wonderful places are only accessible by water and that makes them special. People who live on dry land can exchange food from the land with what can be found in the sea. In the bungalow you can relax or cheer yourself up with fishing, diving, driving jet skis and many other activities in the area.
It is prepared for you to enjoy your vacation with details such as the vaporous curtains, the glass floor to see the sea under your feet, a Jacuzzi, comfortable loungers, several beds, a sound system and more elements so as not to get bored.
The model preserves a mixed aesthetic of the architecture of overwater bungalows that we can find in tropical regions. A concept was adapted from the Maldives region, one of the most desired paradises to travel.

The bungalow is distributed in three heights where the lower part would represent the sea, the mounds of sand where the marine wildlife develops, and the maritime elements are located. In one of the mounds a space has been left for palm trees and a stump for splitting coconuts. The jacuzzi is part of this level and the next as it is between two different heights.

 On the second level is the platform of the bungalow where the construction extends with exterior rest spaces and furnished interiors. In the rear area, it leaves space for a small terrace and leisure items such as a surfboard or diving equipment.

 On the third level are the bedrooms and the toilet, which is accessed by two retractable ladders. In this level a circular window like an observatory has been added to see the stars in the night. The model is made up of 2770 pieces including minifigures such as the boatman or the diver and marine wildlife such as a dolphin and some crabs. I hope you like the model and it has transmitted tranquility and peace to you. Thank you all! 

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